About Yogaværkstedet

Yogaværkstedet is a "hyggelig", small yoga studio in the village Øster Højst, in Tønder Kommune,
in the heart of Southern Jutland.
It is a former carpenter's workshop at the other end of my private home, and we have tried to keep the raw workshop details while making it a beautiful and cosy place to do yoga.

Our large, old village garden is partially “wild on purpose”, free of pesticides and the plot is surrounded by organic meadows.

About me

My name is Bente Jensen Ovesen, internationally certified yoga teacher and trained mindfulness teacher, I am the founder of Yogaværkstedet.  

My approach to teaching yoga is that it – every aspect of it - must be available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, physical ability.


I discovered yoga late in the summer of 2003 and knew immediately that yoga would become my "sport". The quieting of the brain and physical challenge that lies in yoga fits my temperament perfectly, and it fits my approach to that of being a human being, to life itself.


In 2009 I completed the annual training course with Anette Lind Dyrbye at Silkeborg Iyengar Yoga School, I have been teaching yoga since 2014 and on Friday, September 7, 2018, I was happy to complete the level 2 exam as an internationally certified yoga teacher level 2 (min. 200 hours) under Patanjali Yoga Switzerland, completed at Hanne Juelsgaard Sørensen’s Ananda Yoga School in Silkeborg.

In addition to the classes you can find here on the website, I also teach yoga and mindfulness to the students at Tønder Gymnasium since 2019. 

Taking a yoga education is like realising that there is most beautiful mountain landscape just in front of you – a landscape you did not know existed. A landscape just waiting to be explored. And I have started this exploration by participating in various educations and courses, amongst others Sanskrit, connective tissue, yoga & core/pelvic floor and breathing as an educational tool. I have completed Kontor Yoga® (“office” yoga, 50 hours) and SeniorYoga® and am ready to spoil office staff with yoga at the workplace. 

You will never be "done" as a yoga teacher and student, there are always nuances, further development and more to learn. Both physically and mentally.

My background - education and courses

2022: Trauma sensitive Yoga TCTSY (introduction) by Krystyna Kowalski, yogacare.dk
2021: Yoga Nidra level 1 + 2, teacher training in Copenhagen by Sussie Jensen, jensen-yoga.dk
2021: Change Management, Nottingham Trent University
2021: Yoga philosophy: What is hinduism? By Gitte Poulsen, devimahal.com
2021: Senior-Yoga™. Online education by Britt Ziwes
2021: Sanskrit, mix of physical and online course where we dug into texts more than a thousand years old, and took a deep dive into the grammar. Grammar, texts, history and philosophy in one exciting course by Gitte Poulsen, devimahal.com
2021: Yoga philosophy: BKS Iyengar ”Light on Life”. Seven classes. Seven approaches to getting an insight into and overview over – trying to understand ”What is yoga?”, with analyses, discussions and interpretation of the book by Gitte 'Poulsen, devimahal.com
2020: Kontor-Yoga™ (office yoga). Online education by Britt Ziwes
2020: Pernille Thomsen on fascia – the basics
2020: Course: Breathing as a paedagogical tool with by Lotte Paarup (denintelligentekrop.dk and aandedraettet.nu)
2020: Course: Yoga with focus on core/pelvic floor and fascia, styrkditunderliv.dk by Mette Kjær Larsen in Fredericia
2018: Patanjali Yoga Teacher, international certification, 200+ hours, Anandayogaskolen i Silkeborg by Hanne Juelsgaard Sørensen
2016: Hogan Assessment Certification via A&D Resources
2013: Certified coach via Mannaz
2010: Mindfulness teacher. Cognitive based mindfulness education via Seminarer, by Anne Dorthe Hasholt
2010: BAOII – Basic Church Organ player education, Løgumkloster Kirkemusikskole
2009: Annual training course, Iyengar Yoga, Annette Lind Dyrbye
2008: Reiki Master (healer, independent)
2007: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, level 1 certification via The Myers-Briggs Company (Europe)
2007: Project Management, Ledelsesakademiet, Århus
2006: Licensed Analyst of the Predictive Index System (PI)
2006: HR Consultant & Organisational Psychology, Probana
1991: Bachelor in business administration and language, English/German, University of Aarhus


About yoga

Yoga is more than just a series of exercises for body (asānas) and breathing (prānāyāma). It is one of the six

systems in Indian philosophy. The word "yoga" is Sanskrit, and stems from the root “yuj” meaning “to unite”. To unite the individual self with the universal self. So, yoga is the union of body, mind, emotions, and intellect.

Yoga thus includes many aspects of life and is a way for you to experience both physical, mental, and spiritual training. Most people perceive yoga as a series of more or less challenging physical exercises. However, the physical exercises are only part of the yoga. When you dive into yoga, you find that it is a philosophy, a special way of approaching life. That it is first and foremost a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that provides self-insight - you get to know yourself better.


Popcorn brain – does it sound familiar? We are constantly being distracted and we try to multi task. The inner dialogue goes on and on, thoughts and ideas and ”we could also….”. This is where yoga can help you. Help you keeping your body active and your brain quiet by quieting down the popcorn brain, and help you just to be present in the yoga – right here, right now.

Conscious work with our breathing gives us renewed energy and calms down our nervous system, and through different asānas and techniques it can have a direct impact on how we feel, mentally and physically. This is exactly why we try to linger in the asānas so that we have enough time to focus on our breathing in the vaiours asānas.

Yoga will turn off the auto pilot for a while and ground you. When you are doing yoga, you cannot do anything else – you have to concetrate on the yoga, right here, right now, in this moment.


Contact me


Skovagervej 6, Øster Højst

6240 Løgumkloster

CVR: 39867273