Yoga Nidra can be translated as yogic sleep. It is a de-stressing, guided meditation technique that is more than a 1000 years old. Yoga Nidra is originally from India. During the 20th century is has become increasingly popular in the West - once you have tried it, you will understand why. Although Yoga Nidra can be translated as yogic sleep it does not mean that you are actually sleeping. However, studies have shown that approx. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equals 3-4 hours of sleep; your body relaxes, your brain waves slow down, corresponding to those we experience during deep sleep and meditation. You put your aside, stop doing and you simply are. Yoga Nidra contains an opportunity to sow a seed in your mind, an intention - a positive starting point. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for dates. Registration is binding and your place is secured once I have received payment via MobilePay on 2373 1055. Remember to write Yoga Nidra in the comments field. Should you not be able to join, you are welcome to give your seat to someone else. Should the event get cancelled your payment will be refunded.
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