Equipment: All yoga equipment is available at the Yogaværkstedet but should you prefer to bring and use your own equipment then please do so.
Clothing: Comfortable clothes that allow you to move and bare feet - no shoes.
Food and drink You should not eat a full meal up to approx. 3 hours before doing yoga (snacks only up to one hour before you), as it can be uncomfortable to work with some yoga poses with a stomac full of food..
Turn off your mobile: Or leave it a home while joining yoga. Please arrive approx. 5 ahead of class start.
Injuries etc.: If you have some injuries or conditions that I should know of, please let me know before we get started. We will make sure to be mindful of this and use props where it makes sense and helps you get into and be in the yoga pose. Remember to listen to and respect the signals of your body.
Healthy feet: We do yoga with bare feet, so make sure your feet are healthy and free from verrucas and athlete's foot.

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