Let your eyes relax with an eyepad from Yogaværkstedet, made with upcycled fabrics, preferably organic and as sustainable as possible. The eyepad containts organic flaxseeds and dried lavenders, hand-picked in a garden in Switzerland. Lavender is a ancient medicin plant know mostly for its calming effects. The eye pad's combination of soft pressure on the eyes and the smell of lavender thus enhances the relaxation after yoga and during meditation.
Inner cushion: 100% organic cotton, stuffing: Organic flaxseeds and lavender. Outer fabric: Various material (see leaflet). The outer fabric can be hand wahesd at mas. 40⁰ C, the inner cushion cannot be wahes. The price for these eyepads are DKK 80.00 per eyepad. Can only be bought during a visit to Yogaværkstedet.