About yoga

Yoga is more than just a series of exercises for body (asānas) and breathing (prānāyāma). It is one of the six

systems in Indian philosophy. The word "yoga" is Sanskrit, and stems from the root “yuj” meaning “to unite”. To unite the individual self with the universal self. So, yoga is the union of body, mind, emotions, and intellect.

Yoga thus includes many aspects of life and is a way for you to experience both physical, mental, and spiritual training. Most people perceive yoga as a series of more or less challenging physical exercises. However, the physical exercises are only part of the yoga. When you dive into yoga, you find that it is a philosophy, a special way of approaching life. That it is first and foremost a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that provides self-insight - you get to know yourself better.

Popcorn brain – does it sound familiar? We are constantly being distracted and we try to multi task. The inner dialogue goes on and on, thoughts and ideas and ”we could also….”. This is where yoga can help you. Help you keeping your body active and your brain quiet by quieting down the popcorn brain, and help you just to be present in the yoga – right here, right now.

Conscious work with our breathing gives us renewed energy and calms down our nervous system, and through different asānas and techniques it can have a direct impact on how we feel, mentally and physically. This is exactly why we try to linger in the asānas so that we have enough time to focus on our breathing in the vaiours asānas.

Yoga will turn off the auto pilot for a while and ground you. When you are doing yoga, you cannot do anything else – you have to concetrate on the yoga, right here, right now. This very moment.

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